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The Altrus® Thermal Tissue Fusion System

is the next generation in energy based vessel sealing technology. Based on a thermal energy platform, Altrus® offers a variety of differentiating features over competitive devices:

  1. Temperature controlled energy - Altrus® uses a closed feedback loop between the energy source and the handpiece to control the temperature delivered to the tissue.
  2. Fast cycle times – By controlling the temperature and utilizing fast cycle times, lateral tissue damage is minimized. The rapid cycle times may reduce surgeon hand fatigue.
  3. Maryland style jaw provides better anatomical access and functionality than straight jaw designs.
  4. Unique parallel closure mechanism provides for uniform pressure across the surface of the jaw.
  5. Manual and Automatic Mode options provide flexibility for how surgeons can use Altrus®.
  6. Bladeless cut function allows for clean division of desired tissue with no dulling of a cutting blade or jamming of the cutting mechanism.
  7. Altrus® has been ergonomically designed to accommodate a variety of hand sizes (5 ½ to 8 ½ glove size) and to minimize surgeon hand fatigue.
  8. Altrus® has been designed to be a multi-functional surgical tool to reduce the need for multiple instruments and instrument exchanges.
  9. Because Altrus® is a thermal technology, it can be used in fluid environments.
  10. Flexible Platform – the Altrus® energy source can be set-up as a stand-alone system or combined with the System 5000 ESU. You decide what best fits your needs!

Altrus Four Pics

Ordering Information

Energy Source:    
60-9500-120   ALTRUS® Thermal Tissue Fusion System Energy Source
60-9510-001   ALTRUS® 10mm, 16cm shaft handpiece
60-9511-001   ALTRUS® 10mm, 23cm shaft handpiece
60-9512-001   ALTRUS® 10mm, 36cm shaft handpiece
60-9520-001   ALTRUS® 5mm, 16cm shaft handpiece
60-9521-001   ALTRUS® 5mm, 23cm shaft handpiece
60-9522-001   ALTRUS® 5mm, 36cm shaft handpiece
60-9540-001   ALTRUS® Cart with Energy Source adapter plate
60-9541-001   ALTRUS® Stacking Adapter for System 5000
60-9542-001   ALTRUS® Energy Source adapter plate for System 5000 cart
60-9543-ENG   ALTRUS® Thermal Tissue Fusion System Operator's Manual
60-9544-ENG   ALTRUS® Thermal Tissue Fusion System Manual

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