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PASTA Procedure Y-Knot RC All-Suture Anchor Y-Knot Flex All-Suture Anchor 24k Pump Visualize Versatility and Performance CrossFT BC A vision of strength Ergo Shaver Experience Balance and Control IM4000 HD Camera System Clearly True High Definition Liberator Plus Release Resect and Protect 2.8 & 3.3mm PopLok Knotless Suture Anchor Clearly flexible and efficient 2.8 & 3.3mm PopLok Knotless Suture Anchor Clearly flexible and efficient 2.8 & 3.3mm PopLok Knotless Suture Anchor Clearly flexible and efficient 2.8 & 3.3mm PopLok Knotless Suture Anchor Clearly flexible and efficient 2.8 & 3.3mm PopLok Knotless Suture Anchor Clearly flexible and efficient


CONMED, through its family of brands like Hall®, Concept®, Shutt® and Linvatec® has been at the forefront of technological innovation for a growing range of minimally invasive and orthopaedic surgery procedures for over 50 years.

As a global leader in the fields of arthroscopy, multi-specialty endoscopic medical video systems, powered surgical instruments and sports tissue & biologics, Orthopaedic surgeons use CONMED arthroscopic instrumentation, implants, fixation and tissue repair systems for diagnostic purposes, minor surgeries and complex reconstructions of knees, shoulders and small joints such as the wrist and ankle.

The famous Hall® Surgical line of powered surgical instrumentation featuring the PowerPro« system and a comprehensive line of accessories all remain the standard of care in orthopaedic oral/maxillofacial, otolaryngology, podiatry, thoracic, hand and neurosurgery.

CONMED believes that close relationships with our surgeon customers is vital in order to continually develop innovative surgical devices. Surgeons thirst for education, skills training and professional development led us to expand our Centers for Orthopaedic Education, one on our Largo, FL campus, a second in New York City and a third in Germany. These state-of-the-art training facilities serve surgeons interested in learning the newest techniques in sports medicine injury repair. In addition, we participate in more than 400 courses and workshops annually, and co-sponsor a series of learning centers in conjunction with various orthopaedic and arthroscopic organizations worldwide.


The Y-Knot® RC All-Suture Anchor System for rotator cuff repair helps improve surgical flexibility and access with small and simple all-suture anchors that deliver secure fixation. Best of all, it's self punching! READ MORE

The Y-Knot® Flex System for labral and capsular-based repairs helps improve surgical flexibility and access with small, all-suture anchors that deliver secure fixation with up to 80% less bone removal.READ MORE

Hip Preservation System
Hip Preservation System™
From Access to Repair™, the CONMED Hip Preservation System™ is committed to optimizing patient outcomes by providing a comprehensive solution of joint preserving instrumentation and techniques.

Eco-Flow Tubesets
The Eco-Flow™ Day-Use Tubing Set
Cost-effective two-part tubing system that allows the pump tubing to stay in place throughout the surgical day, while the patient portion of the tubing set is replaced after each case.

The Sequent™ Meniscal Repair System
This system offers proprietary suture-locking implant cleats that will provide a knotless repair and allow the surgeon to complete an entire meniscal repair with one device without leaving the joint.

CrossFT BC™ - Biocomposite Suture Anchor for Rotator Cuff Repair is designed for primary, medial or lateral fixation in rotator cuff repair. These anchors are comprised of CONMED's proprietary MicroTCP technology, making them the strongest suture anchors on the market; with increased absorption speed when compared to other market alternatives.


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