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  Ligament Reconstruction

As sports medicine science evolves, so do techniques. Soft tissue grafts have grown in popularity to address a wide range of reconstruction surgeries. Graft choices include Anterior Tibialis Tendon, Posterior Tibialis Tendon, Peroneus Longus Tendon, Semitendinosus Tendon, and Gracilis Tendon.

Tendon with Bone Block
CONMED provides a wide variety of soft tissue allografts with bone blocks for primary and revision reconstructive surgery. Patella Bone-Tendon-Bone, Achilles Tendon, and Quadriceps Tendon are some of the allografts offered by CONMED Sports Tissue and Biologics. Tissues are available in frozen and freeze dried forms, and with shaped bone blocks to reduce trimming and manipulation during surgery. All soft tissue grafts are treated using a validated aseptic, temperature-controlled cleaning process that maintains the biomechanical integrity and biologic compatibility of each graft.¹

Revision Cores
For some revision surgeries, filling bone voids created through the failure of a previous surgery is needed. CONMED Sports Tissue and Biologics.provides Revision Cores made of dense, cancellous bone available in multiple diameters with cannulation to allow exact placement within the femoral and tibial tunnels.

¹ Data on file at MTF.

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