Aurora Content Management System

Descrizione generale del prodotto

With features like multi-channel Full HD recording, wireless connectivity, integration with hospital electronic health record (EHR) networks, live streaming, an improved iOS app (iPad and iPhone) and more, the CMS9000 represents CONMED’s next generation of high definition image capture system that’s designed to improve how hospitals manage surgical footage both in and out of the OR.

Features and Benefits

  • Wi-Fi Connection to Hospital EMR Networks
    • Designed to improve efficiency, convenience and compliance with HIPAA standards. This system allows facilities to wirelessly (or wired) interface data, images & video with select EMR/PACS systems.
  • Integrated iPad/iPhone App
    • The MedXStream™ iPad/iPhone App allows users to connect securely, wirelessly and instantly to access their audio and video for review, annotation, playback, and surgical reporting.
  • Live, Full HD Streaming over IP
    • System allows for live, HD video and audio streaming. This is an ideal application for education/institutional and training applications.
  • Integrated Data Security
    • User-based security features, based on the principals of separation of duties and least privilege, such as credentialing, user auditing, session time-out, automatic data encryption (at rest and in transit). OS Lock-out and the ability to define access by user role to address cybersecurity concerns regarding HIPAA & GDPR.
  • Customizable User Profiles
    • Designed to help reduce OR set-up time. Users can customize their settings and preferences and then save them for future uses. Settings can also be exported to other CMS9000 devices across your facility.
Aurora™ Content Management System 9000
i3 6100 3 7Ghz Processore
8gb DDR4 RAM
USB 3 0 6x 2 davanti, 4 sul retro per unità esterne
USB 2 0 2 sul retro per periferiche opzionali: stampanti, schermo tattile, tastiera
HDMI Out Per visualizzare l’ultima immagine su un monitor separato (display secondario)
Display Port Out Per la comunicazione con DRS34 (display primario)
3 5mm 2 5mm Connections Indicatori di registrazione per la testa della videocamera
2x Network Ethernet Ports Connettività di rete
WiFi AC Hotspot Punto di connessione con dispositivi cellulari
HDMI in 2x Registrazione 1080p a 60 fotogrammi al secondo
Serial Ports 2 RS232, comando a pedale, ecc.
Mic Inputs 1 sul retro. Annotazioni vocali, registrazione vocale in video.
Audio Outputs 1 sul retro. Acquisizione immagini fisse e registrazione, ripetizione annotazione vocale acquisita, riproduzione audio da registrazioni video.
Schermo Elo sensibile al tatto a montaggio laterale
Stampante digitale a colori pagina intera Sony UP-DR80MD
Power Requirements 100-240 V CA, 50/60 Hz, da 3,4 A a 1,4 A
Controller 31,70 cm L x 20,70 cm A x 42,50 cm P (12,50" x 8,13" x 16,75")
Weight 11,50 kg (25,30 libbre)
Aurora™ Content Management System 9000 cms9000
Touch Screen
Schermo Elo sensibile al tatto a montaggio laterale drs34
Stampante digitale a colori pagina intera Sony UP-DR80MD up-dr80md

Video: Sistema di visualizzazione CONMED - Video prodotto