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Visit ConMed Linvatec Booth #2534 and get a closer look into our game changing technology.

At ConMed Linvatec, we're constantly challenging ourselves to develop truly innovative arthroscopic products that not only complement your technique, but also lead to improved outcomes. Our comprehensive restoration systems are made up of new technologies that give you a different view of what efficient and effective anatomic repair looks like.

ConMed Linvatec restoration systems for the shoulder, knee and hip offer you innovative solutions that continue to transform the way you practice arthroscopy. ConMed Linvatec Resection, Fluid Management and Electrosurgical products provide the complete foundation for successful sports medicine arthroscopy. Stop by to explore the innovative technologies that will enable you to work confidently and comfortably from start to finish. Our vision for better healing begins the moment you choose one of our game changing products, and continues with each and every surgical procedure you perform.

No matter the complexity, you can always count on simple technique, secure fixation, and versatility to achieve your desired outcome with arthroscopic solutions from ConMed Linvatec. See the difference. It will change the way you look at things.

Experience the Difference


Sequent™ Meniscal Repair Device
Up to Six Continous Stitches for a Versatile All-Inside, Stay-Inside Repair



Concept® Suture Passer
Simple One-Handed Pass



CrossFT BC™ Suture Anchor
Cortical and Cancellous Threads for STRONGER Fixation



2.8 & 3.3mm PopLok™ Knotless Suture Anchors
99%* Secure Fixation Independent from Bone Quality



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Sequent™ Meniscal Repair Device
Concept® Suture Passer
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