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The Hemostasis System

Providing therapeutic instrumentation for all your hemostasis procedure needs

Gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding is either considered non-variceal or variceal bleeding. More than 300,000 hospital admissions are related to upper GI bleeding, the majority of which are variceal bleeding cases. The primary objective of each procedure is to gain initial hemostasis and then to determine the best approach to prevent rebleeding from occurring.

Depending on the source of bleeding, a combination of therapies may be necessary to reduce the long-term risk of rebleeding. The chart below shows the prevalence and risk of re-bleeding.

There are multiple alternatives to invasive surgery to achieve endoscopic hemostasis. These options provide important clinical benefits towards the treatment of GI bleeding.

The following is a list of typical procedures for achieving Endoscopic hemostasis:

- Band Ligation
- Injection Therapy
- Thermal Electrohemostasis
- Combination Therapy
- Argon Beam Coagulation
- Hemoclipping
- Balloon Tamponade

Hemostasis techniques and technologies remains a vital tool in the armamentarium of Gastroenterologists for gaining initial hemostasis to allow for appropriate intervention to lower the risk of rebleeding.

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