Cordless Small Bone Power System


The NEW Hall® MicroFree™ System features cordless, battery-powered, pencil-grip instruments for small bone that are designed to provide the freedom of a cordless device, while delivering the power surgeons need.

Features and Benefits 

  • Designed with Comfort in Mind
    • Cordless Design: Eliminates the inconvenience of cords and awkward hand positioning, allowing for improved maneuverability.
    • Ergonomic: These well-balanced ergonomic handpieces are designed to feel and work comfortably in surgeons’ hands.1
    • Precision: Hall MicroFree handpieces come in a surgeon-preferred pencil grip design which helps provide precise cutting.
  • Safety
    • Less Risk of Infection: May reduce the potential risk contributing to SSIs, caused by unsecured power cords compromising the sterile field.
  • Facility Efficiency
    • Backward Compatibility: Ensures compatibility with highspeed handpiece attachments across all generations of Hall, eliminating the need for costly upgrades.
    • Optimize Your SPD: Hall MicroFree’s UL- approved batteries are autoclavable. This means they can be placed in the same tray as the handpieces and attachments.
    • Less Waste: Autoclavable batteries eliminate the need for "blue wrap"
  • System includes
    • 5 handpieces
    • 1 Mini-Driver
    • MicroFree™Power Unit
    • Small Lithium Battery
    • 2 Sterilization Trays


     1Data on File. TR17-00810, TR17-01199

Hall® MicroFree™ High-Speed-Bohrer
Hall® MicroFree™ Medium-Speed-Bohrer
Hall® MicroFree™ Sagittalsäge
Hall® MicroFree™ Pendelsäge
Hall® MicroFree™ Gattersäge
Hall® MicroFree™ Lithium-Akku
Hall® MicroFree™ Mini-Eintreiber
Kleiner Lithium-Akku Hall®
Hall® MicroFree™ Akkuadapter
Hall® Lithium-Ladegerät
Hall® Lithiumbatterieladegerät
Größe 1/2, Kleinknochen-Einsatz
Größe 1/2, verfahrensspezifischer Einsatz
Größe 1/2, starrer Behälter
2,0 - 3,22 mm, Doppelauslöser-Pineintreiber
Mittlerer Bohrer-Führungsaufsatz
Langer Bohrer-Führungsaufsatz
Extra-Long Bur Guard
Hall MicroFree Handpieces
Hall® MicroFree™ High-Speed-Bohrer pro8000sb
Hall® MicroFree™ Medium-Speed-Bohrer pro8100sb
Hall® MicroFree™ Sagittalsäge pro8200sb0
Hall® MicroFree™ Pendelsäge pro8300sb
Hall® MicroFree™ Gattersäge pro8400sb
Hall MicroFree Power Unit
Hall® MicroFree™ Lithium-Akku l3500sb
Hall MicroFree Mini-Driver
Hall® MicroFree™ Mini-Eintreiber pro8500sb
Hall Small Lithium Battery
Kleiner Lithium-Akku Hall® l3000sm
Hall MicroFree Adapter and Charger
Hall® MicroFree™ Akkuadapter l3500
Hall® Lithiumbatterieladegerät l3000
Großknochen Investitionsgüter
Hall® Lithium-Ladegerät l3000
Hall MicroFree Sterilization Containers
Größe 1/2, Kleinknochen-Einsatz pro8003t
Größe 1/2, verfahrensspezifischer Einsatz pro8001t
Größe 1/2, starrer Behälter tr12r
Accessories Hall MicroFree Pin Driver
2,0 - 3,22 mm, Doppelauslöser-Pineintreiber pro6232
Accessories Bur Guards
Mittlerer Bohrer-Führungsaufsatz 1375-012
Langer Bohrer-Führungsaufsatz 1375-011
Extra-Long Bur Guard 1375-023