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  CONMED product launches
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Spectrum MVP Shoulder Suture Passer
The Spectrum MVP is the newest in CONMED long line of suture-passing devices for arthroscopic shoulder surgery. It builds on the gold standard set by the Spectrum model, with an even greater ease-of-use.


Sentinel Drill Bits
With diameters ranging from 5.5mm - 13mm, in half size increments, the new Sentinel Drill Bits allow surgeons to safely, yet accurately, drill the highly precise femoral tunnels that are required not only in standard ACL procedures but in the increasingly popular double bundle ACL technique. They facilitate an anterior medial approach by safely passing the condyles without scuffing the cartilage.


Smart Screw II
The new SmartScrew II offering is a comprehensive line of bioabsorbable bone fixation implants indicated for fixation of fractures, osteotomies, arthrodeses and condylar grafts within the condylar aspects of the upper extremity, ankle and foot. The implant provides the compression needed during healing, while eliminating the need for a second surgery once healing is complete, as is required with metal implants. The new SmartScrew II instruments also incorporate an innovative "Clover-leaf" driver interface, etch marks on cannulated drill bits (allowing for tunnel depth estimation) and instrument markings for easy size recognition.


ThRevo with HiFi
Following on the initial success of the original ThRevo shoulder anchor, the new ThRevo incorporates the advantage of the HiFi high strength suture.


PRO7020 Cordless Revision Attachment for Battery Handpiece
The PRO7020 Attachment is the only cordless revision attachment on the market today. This attachment interfaces with an extensive line of CONMED burs and is used for cement removal in orthopedic revision surgery. This attachment uniquely provides spine surgeons with the option to use cordless power in surgery.


PRO2® Pulse Reflectance Oximetry System:
This system utilizes a flat sensor that measures light reflected from tissue to capture blood oxygenation levels, versus the traditional method of shining light through an appendage such as a finger.  PRO2® addresses problems with the conventional finger probe method, such as when burn or trauma patients might not have accessible appendages, or when circulation problems in patients with peripheral vascular disease can compromise results.


Gore Viabil® Biliary Endoprosthesis with ePTFE
Used for the treatment of malignant biliary strictures, the Gore Viabil® biliary endoprosthesis is an extremely flexible and conformable nitinol stent with high radial strength and is lined completely to each end with unique, non-porous ePTFE which is the most bio-inert material commercially available.


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