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  Cardiology / Critical Care
  Summary of CONMED Corporation Benefits  
  • EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: The Employee Assistance Program is fully paid by CONMED Corporation for employees and their immediate family members. This is a confidential assistance program designed to help with life issues and situations where professional guidance may be desired.

  • TRAVEL ACCIDENT PLAN: This plan provides additional financial protection for employees traveling on Company business.

  • EMPLOYEE STOCK PURCHASE PLAN: This Plan allows participants to purchase shares of CONMED Stock at a discounted price

  • CONMED CORPORATION RETIREMENT SAVINGS PLAN (401k): The CONMED Corporation Retirement Savings Plan is provided to CONMED employees to save for their future retirement years. There is also a Company Match associated with the Plan.

  • SHORT TERM DISABILITY: A Short Term Disability Plan is provided to employees. The cost of the Plan is fully paid by the Company.

  • LONG TERM DISABILITY: A Long Term Disability Plan is provided to full-time employees. The cost of the Plan is fully paid by the Company.

  • BASIC TERM LIFE INSURANCE: CONMED provides Basic Term Life Insurance for all full-time employees. The cost of the Plan is fully paid by the Company.

  • OPTIONAL LIFE INSURANCE: In addition to the company paid life insurance, employees can purchase specific amounts of life insurance as defined by the plan for themselves, their spouse and dependents.

  • HEALTHCARE PLAN: CONMED offers a healthcare plan for all full-time employees, including prescription drug coverage.

  • DENTAL PLAN: A dental plan is available to full-time employees.

  • FLEXIBLE SPENDING PLANS: CONMED offers the following Flexible Spending Plans:

    • Premium Conversion Plan
    • Tax-Free Healthcare Account
    • Dependent Care Assistance Plan

  • VISION PLAN: CONMED offers a vision plan.

  • CANCER PROTECTION PLAN: The Cancer Protection Plan is a voluntary benefit available to employees who reside in certain states. Not all states are covered by this Plan.

Note: The following information is intended to only provide an overview to these benefit plans. Please be advised that CONMED reserves the rights to amend, add or terminate benefits plans at its discretion. Not withstanding any statements contained herein, the benefit plans are exclusively governed by the terms of the benefits plans or contracts and applicable government regulations. If a conflict arises between this information and the benefit pan or contract or government regulations, the latter will prevail.

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