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Download Low Impact Instruments Brochure

Low Impact Instruments

  • Three-piece Design for Ease of Assembly and Cleaning
  • Comparable Jaw Size to 5mm Instruments
  • Shaft Rigidity of 5mm Instruments1

Ordering Information

Description QTY Catalog #
Curved Scissors, Jaw Insert 1/box LIL-IP-2SC-31ST
Maryland Dissector, Jaw Insert 1/box LIL-IP-2DM-31
Tapered Forceps, Jaw Insert 1/box LIL-IP-ST-31
Fenestrated Grasping Forceps, Jaw Insert 1/box LIL-IP-FS-31
Clutch Grasping Forceps, Jaw Insert 1/box LIL-IP-CL-31
Grasping Forceps, Jaw Insert 1/box LIL-IP-AL-31
Insulated Outer Tube 1/box LIL-TU-31
Red Handle 1/box LIL-H-RP1
Blue Handle 1/box LIL-H-BP1
Yellow Handle 1/box LIL-H-YP1
Yellow Handle w/Ratchet 1/box LIL-H-YP2

1Data on File, SurgiQuest 2015 REF 0316151400_00. Bend moment comparison test.

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